BRAINGASM is the only irreverent, exciting monthly trivia game featured in West Hollywood! Win prizes, drinks, shots and cash! Come to the bar with friends or solo (and we'll pair you up with another team)

No ONLINE registration required!

BRAINGASM sees Teams of 4 take on some challenging trivia in a variety of categories with the hopes that they can reign as the straightest shooter of the bunch.

Each round will have 6 questions, and after hearing the questions, teams will have 5 minutes to work together (no phones, iPads) to submit their answers! Categories will range from pop culture to academia. Make sure your team has a good group of smarties! 

The winning team will win a cash prize!! Prize goes up with more teams, so bring as many as friends as possible to compete! Points increase each round with the questions becoming tougher. So at any point, it can be anyone's game!

My trivia is designed to challenge your brain while you douse it in beer.
— Wes