Who Should Play?

Everyone is welcome regardless of your sexuality, gender, age, or athletic ability. We believe in inclusivity not exclusivity. In short, if you want to have fun and play, join us!

1st Timers / New to Adult Athletics are equally welcomed by our staff. We will do our best to help you get situated. Just ask!

Do I Have to Be LGBTQAI+?

Nope! Everyone is welcome!

Do I Have To Try Out For a Team?

There are no try-outs for our leagues. Anyone may sign up for the league, providing there are spots. Weekly practices are not mandatory, though in some cities there are options available, just ask.

What Do I Wear?

Players are asked to wear comfortable clothing that will allow them to move. Unlike other recreational leagues, Varsity Gay League does not require players to wear VGL Apparel while playing games. We want all our players to express their creativity and dress in the look and style that best expresses them. Captains are encouraged to ask league managers for help if they are uncertain how to design a look, or where to purchase affordable shirts/jerseys. Metal cleats, offensive/prejudicial logos/language, or basic public nudity are not allowed.

How Much Does it Cost?

Every league has a different price point. Some leagues are a one time fee, while others are a pay as you go program. We strive to have the lowest price points while giving as much back to our players as possible.

How To Register?

The league has active registration throughout the year. To find out when you can register, check the corresponding web page. 

You can also join any of our cities Facebook Groups to get up to date information about leagues and events. 

When you register, you have three choices: Captain, Team Player, or Group/Free Agent. 

Team Captain: You want to build your own team of players and lead them to victory! 

Team Players: You know what team you are supposed to be on and want to directly register for that team. 

Free Agent: You want to play, but don't currently have a team? Free Agent means you are a solo players and we will randomly assign you to a team. You can also join with a small group of friends!

Where Do I Register?

Every city has its own registration page. You can click through the website to find the corresponding page, or you can click here and youl'll be taken to each city's registration page. You can also check all of our Facebook groups and Meet Up Groups (each city has a group) with registration information. Just log on to Facebook or Meetup.com.

What is the refund policy?

No refunds will be given 7 days before a season or program officially begins, unless otherwise noted.

League Removal Policy.

If a player misses more than 2 unreported games (meaning informing your teammate/league) or 4 games (excused or otherwise) your teammates/team/league may replace you without refund at the league's best discretion. Policies may vary dependent on the league.

If any player behaves in a manner that is unsportsmanlike, violent, aggressive, overly intoxicated or under the influence of a substance, illegal or otherwise, or physical, they will be ejected from the league without refund.