Varsity Gay League is an all inclusive organization with goals to provide inexpensive sports leagues, recreational activities, and social events for the LGBT+ community, gender-expansive, and our straight allies.

All of our leagues and programs are developed for everyone, regardless how skilled you are at an activity. (There are no try outs!)


First Step - you will need to register yourself in LeagueApps. LeagueApps is a system where all of our registrations take place. We have a dedicated LeagueApps site for each city and for national & regional tournaments.

Find & click the Register top-level menu link on this website. Follow the link to the city of your interest and sign up.

Second - once you are in our system in LeagueApps, you can now register yourself to play. All of our registrations open multiple weeks before the league starts. Registrations end once the league begins. Register when you’re ready, but be mindful that most of programs sell out during the last week of registration.

Each LeagueApps site has the menu item Leagues where you can see what registrations are upcoming and open for registration. If a league is not listed, then the registration for that league has not yet started or is over.

In most of our leagues, you sign up as a Team Captain, Team Player, or Free Agent.

  • A Team Captain is someone who wants to start a team and knows of team players who will be join their team.

  • A Team Player is someone who knows a Team Captain and is joining the Team Captain’s team.

  • A Free Agent is someone who would like Varsity Gay League to arrange a team for them. A Free Agent can sign up letting us know who they want to play with by either creating a small group during registration or by simply letting us know during the registration process.